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Sunday, June 18, 2006

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Seven Clips From Paris Hilton's upcoming album were leaked in the internet. She recently released her first single "Stars are Blind" and was surprisingly doing well. It's actually one of the most requested songs in radios, beating Christina Aguilera's Ain't No Other Man.

The song also acquired support from's Chart Of Truth.

The Clips Jealousy, Turn it Up, I want You, Nothing in This World, Fightin' Over Me, Turn You On and Heartbeat were leaked early Last Month, and These Re my Reviews about the Songs:

Jealousy - This is no doubt the disguised song for Nicole Richie. The Lines: "i thought you were my bestfriend, I thought we'd be together till' the end" says it all. Try to listen to the song and it will give you littloe hints about their so called "FEUD". The song's Not that catchy, Its like a slow dance/Rock song. Paris' voice is not in its best in this song.

Turn It Up - One Word: WOW. This is the best song from her album. I can really see this song climbing Music Charts. In this Song Paris Gives us her "Britney Side". If i did'nt know that it was Paris who sang the song i would totally think its Britney's.

I Want You - This song isn't that good but there is something in it that is really unforgetable. Probably the 80's meets 90's disco Feel... i dont know.

Nothing In This World - This clip is also Hot. Hilary Duff fans would love this. The song's leaked name was: "Stop us Tonight" but it was renamed to Nothing in this World for the Album.

Fightin' Over Me - This rap/hiphop song Featured Fat Joe and Jadakiss. The xylophones in the background made this song really Catchy. This song was supposed to be: "Boys are Chasing Me" but was changed to Fightin' Over me Later on.

Turn You On - Another Hip-Hop song with a hint of Dance in it. A little remix of this song would make any club high. Paris wasn't the only one whos singing in this song. A Lady named: "Missy" also lent Paris her voice.

HeartBeat - YES! a slow/pop song. This is no doubt one of the best songs in her album!
Catchy? YES! Great Lines? YES! Chart Topper? YES! *the only thing is.. Paris' voice is not that amazing here.

**If you havent heard these leaked clips, browse through my archives.

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