Jamie Kennedy - Blowin' Up (FULL ALBUM)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

01. Circle Circle Dot Dot 3:10
02. A Message From Bob 0:22
03. Rollin With Saget 2:57
04. 1984 2:42
05. Rush The Club (Feat. Kardinal 3:58
06. Crooked Stick 3:10
07. Flirt 3:08
08. I Don't Want Beef (Skit) 1:57
09. Knuckle Up 3:07
10. Car Rear 2:49
11. Mattress Mack (Feat. Paul 3:58
12. Blane's Story (Skit) 0:58
13. Bologna 2:27
14. Fuck Jamie Kennedy (Feat. E-40 1:25
& Jason Biggs)
15. Celebrity Stalker 3:42
16. Strip Club Dummy 4:03
17. Message From Iceberg 0:49
18. Guns (Performed by Gill T. 7:21

Release Notes:

Blowin' Up is a comedic reality show on MTV. The show stars Jamie
Kennedy, an actor who follows his dream of becoming a successful
rapper. The show was written by Kennedy after the success of the
movie Malibu's Most Wanted, which he starred in. Along for the
ride is his close friend Stu Stone, who keeps Jamie in check to
stick to their rap career.

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