Much Love

Monday, July 17, 2006

I wanna thank all of you guys for supporting my blog. Its been a month or two already and im so happy that i get more than 1500 hits a day. I know its really unbelievable cuz im a newbie, The first day This blog opened, i already got 300 Hits.

Since this Blog is getting bigger there are some changes that will occur.
About the Request station, I will Only accept Song/Album Requests for Songs/Albums released This Year.
Cuz Those Are easier to find.
You can Always Use Limewire. :)

I also want you guys to add a Comment For each Post. I swear It wont take a minute.
I always wish that when i wake up and visit my blog, i Will see like 500+ comments.. that would be awesome.

Comments lets me know if you like my post or not.. And i wanna know if those 1500 people are real.
Im 15 years old and I have to go to school everyday But unfortunately i have no life so I always make sure that i post the latest music everyday. its just the time that you guys should give me credit for what i do. Im not asking for Money, Just a little consideration. I need to Know if you guys are really real. COMMENT CoMMENT COMMENT!

thanks :)

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