Artist Spotlight: Delta Goodrem

Friday, October 20, 2006
Here's Delta's new video clip for her Japanese debut single 'Flawed'.

Delta first graced radio stations in 2001 at the age of 16 releasing her first single 'I Don't Care' (a flop) she scrapped the album and two years later came out with her debut album 'Innocent Eyes' which went to #1 in Australia. She milked 5 singles that were all #1's. 2004 a Year later, she released her second album 'Mistaken Identity' which also went to #1. Since then she's released a song from the 2006 Commonwealth Games soundtrack titled 'Together We Are One' which was written by Delta & Brian MacFadden and is now releasing her music in Japan. (her bio is too long, lol i'm keeping it as breif as possible lol!)

i've included all of her released singles for those who'd like to hear them! If you scroll down a little more, you can already find 'Flawed' up for download. Her stuff is good i tell ya!

Debut Single (16 Years old): I Don't Care

5th Single: Predictable
4th Single: Not Me, Not I
3rd Single: Innocent Eyes
2nd Single: Lost Without You
1st Single: Born to Try

5th Single: Be Strong
4th Single: A Little Too Late
3rd Single: Almost Here (Ft. Brian McFadden)
2nd Single: Mistaken Identity
1st Single: Out of the Blue

Soundtrack Release: Together We Are One
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