Thursday, October 19, 2006
This is the Cover For Alesha Dixon's Upcoming Album "Fired Up" to be released on November 6 2006.

  • Ready for Scarlett Johansson? The actress is currently recording an album with the working title "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits" which – as the name suggests – will feature songs solely by Tom Waits, Fox News reports. Her Album is slated for realease in Spring 2007 .[nme]
  • JoJo's ALbum "The High Road" is On Target for 100k. (ONLY???!) a slight increase over her ’04 debut, which tallied 95k in its first week, thanks to a smash single in “Too Little Too Late.”
  • Stacie Orrico is coming back to the states to Promote her album. They Pushed "Im Not Missing You" again, but its doing alot Better than before. (stacie, You need to Release a new song! Freakin im not missing you is getting old now. Youll flop.)
  • Ever Imagined Shakira as a Blonde White Girl? (God its Awful!) Shakira is playing a blonde girl in Her New Video "Illegal". Check out the pics Here

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